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Landscape fashioned by geology - Fife and Tayside
The dramatic coastline and volcanic hills of Fife and Tayside are testament ot a dramatic geological past. The tell a story of a time when Scotland sat astride the equator. This book provides a guide to Scotland's journey through these turbulent times.
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Landscape Character Assessment Guidance
This guidance provides updated advice on Landscape Character Assessment, an important tool for all those involved in influencing the landscape. The guidance reflects how methods and techniques for Landscape Character Assessment have developed in recent years and builds upon interim guidance which wa... [ read more... ]
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Landscape Character Assessment Guidance and Topic Papers
To further the application and use of Landscape Character Assessment in England and Scotland, a series of Topic Papers is being prepared to accompany the main LCA guidance. Below is a list of existing and forthcoming papers in this series.
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Gàidhlig air Aghaidh na Tire: Ainmean-àite Cholbhasa agus Orasa/Gaelic in the Landscape: Place-names of Colonsay and Oronsay
Tha ainmean-àite Cholbhasa agus Orasa dlùth- cheangailte ri aghaidh na t́re, agus ri beatha nan daoine a th' air a bhith a' fuireach an seo fad linntean. Tha feartan oirthire, cnuic agus àitichean togte air an ainmeachadh gus sgeulachdan, cur-seachadan, agus beatha làitheil a chomharrachadh; tro bhi... [ read more... ]
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A' Ghàidhlig air Aghaidh na T́re - Ainmean-Àite an t-Sratha, An t-Eilean Sgitheanach  Gaelic in the Landscape - Place-names of Strath, Isle of Skye
Tha ainmean-àite an t-Sratha, ann an ceann a deas an Eilein Sgitheanaich, dlùth-cheangailte ri aghaidh na tire agus ri beatha nan daoine a th' air a bhith a' fuireach an seo fad linntean. Tha feartan oirthire, cnuic agus àitichean togte air an ainmeachadh gus sgeulachdan, cur-seachadan, agus beatha ... [ read more... ]
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Gaelic and Norse in the Landscape - A' Ghàidhlig is Lochlannais air Aghaidh na T́re
Encompassing coastal cliffs, remote mountains, attractive towns and villages, and some globally renowned boglands, the landscape of Caithness and Sutherland is diverse and inspirational. No less inspirational is the heritage of language and culture intimately associated with that landscape. The p... [ read more... ]
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Scotland's Living Landscapes - Boglands
What single image encapsulates 'Scotland' for most people? Perhaps the swirl of tartan, or maybe Landseer's famous red stag in 'Monarch of the Glen'. For some it might be rolling moorland, for others perhaps 'a wee dram' of whisky, or an image of a small croft beneath a brooding sky and, with it, th... [ read more... ]
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Scotland's Living Landscapes - Sea Lochs
Featuring dramatic underwater photography, this booklet tells why Scotland's sea lochs are so special to people living around their shores and the magnificent wildlife which depends on their protected waters.
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Scotland's Living Landscapes - Soils
People cannot live without soil - it grows our food, provides a base for our homes and many of our leisure facilities. But what do we need to do to look after it? Find out why soil isn't just dirt!
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Gaelic in the Landscape - The Rough Bounds of Lochaber/A' Ghàidhlig air Aghaidh na T́re - Garbh-Chŕochan Loch Abar
Following on from the success of Place-names in Islay and Jura, Scottish Natural Heritage and Ainmean-Àite na h-Alba have once again collaborated to produce a work on the landscape and place-names of Arisaig and Loch Shiel, using in depth local knowledge and historical research. Many of these names ... [ read more... ]
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The Outer Hebrides - Places to Visit for Wildlife and Landscape
The Outer Hebrides offer a unique blend of landscapes, habitats and wildlife and this leaflet highlights nearly 50 of the best places to visit. However, anywhere on these islands offers something of interest, uncomfortable perhaps in bad weather - but nonetheless dramatic - and always exceeding... [ read more... ]
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The Northern Highlands (Gaelic and English)
The North Highlands of Scotland offer some of the finest landscapes and seascapes in Europe. For the visitor, the scenery can seem wild, rugged and remote, but for the people who live there here is their 'home'. If you would like to buy a copy of this book directly from SNH please call us on 01738 4... [ read more... ]
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33. Grasslands (2001)
Created by man and maintained by farming, grasslands form an important part of our natural heritage providing a vital habitat for birds, butterflies, animals and plants.
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North West Seaboard: places to visit for wildlife and landscapes in Wester Ross and West Sutherland/Cladach an Iar-Thuath: Àiteachan le fiadh-bheatha is seallaidhean ann an Ros an Iar, Asainte is Duthaich MhicAoidh
This is a bilingual Gaelic/English publication that, as its titles suggest, is a guide to natural heritage of the North West Highlands. It covers the coastal area from Kyle of Lochalsh in the south to Durness in the north. It lists places where animals may be seen, walks can be taken, and hills, g... [ read more... ]
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Scotland's Geodiversity
For a small country, Scotland has a remarkable diversity of rocks, fossils, landforms and soils. This leaflet illustrates the diversity of Scotland's Earth heritage, the pressures upon it and the steps being taken to conserve it and promote its wider understanding.
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Trails Through Time
Trails through time explores the landscape and geology of 3 popular walks. Let the pictorial guides help you find clues to reveal the exciting stories.
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Springs and Flushes
Springs and flushes are specialised and localised habitats which support a fascinating and diverse range of flora and fauna, including several nationally rare plant species. They provide important micro-habitats for many animals, flowering plants, mosses and liverworts. One of the truly neglected ha... [ read more... ]
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Kelp Forests
38. Kelp Forests (1999)
Kelp Forests are remarkable places: not only are they immensely beautiful and home to a startling array of wildlife, they are also highly productive and important to the economy.
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39. Coasts (1998)
Scotland has nearly 12,000km of coastline. Much of it remote, unspoilt and strikingly beautiful. Find out more about this constantly changing environment, the unique habitats, landforms and wildlife.
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40. Machair (1998)
Machair is a rare coastal habitat known for its vast array of colourful wildflowers and abundant birdlife. Find out how Scotland's machair has developed over generations.
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