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Naturally Scottish - Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises
When we think about the special wildlife of Scotland, it's easy to forget about the creatures that live offshore around our coasts. But the species inhabiting the seas are just as much part of Scotland's wildlife as those on land. Cetaceans - whales, dolphins and porpoises -are rarely seen, and poor... [ read more... ]
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Naturally Scottish - Dragonflies and Damselflies
It follows the same format as other subjects in the Naturally Scottish series, describing what is special about the 23 species of Dragonflies and Damselflies that occur in Scotland and the particular habitats in which they are found. Their complex life cycle is explained and what they feed on. How ... [ read more... ]
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Naturally Scottish - Wildcats
With a reputation of being wild and untameable, the Scottish wildcat is one of our most elusive and fearsome species. Agile and intelligent, the wildcat is representative of our wild lands, where survival depends on 'wit and will'. As a consequence, it is a creature that has long been surrounded i... [ read more... ]
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Naturally Scottish - Bumblebees
Find out the meaning of some of the old Scottish names for the bumblebee. Also discover how you can help the bumblebee by the flowers you choose to plant.
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Naturally Scottish - Raptors
Raptors - includes some of the most iconic species to be found in Scotland. Golden eagle, osprey, red kite and a host of other impressive birds of prey are featured in this booklet that gives a marvellous insight into the behaviour and appeal of these wonderful birds. Superbly illustrated by some ... [ read more... ]
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Naturally Scottish - Sea Eagles
The sea eagle is the fourth largest eagle in the world and is Scotland's largest bird of prey. Its wingspan - an impressive two and a half metres - is bigger than that of the golden eagle, usually considered the king of birds.
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Naturally Scottish - Red Squirrels
With its bright russet coat and bushy tail, the red squirrel is one of Scotland's most popular and endearing mammals. This booklet provides an insight into their ecology and some of the problems they face.
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Naturally Scottish - Seals
There are many myths and legends about seals. In the Northern Isles they are called selkies. We have two species which are resident and breed in Scotland - the common and the grey seal. Occasionally five other species visit us from the Artic.
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Naturally Scottish - Butterflies
With informative and lively text this colourful booklet which has been written by Paul Kirkland, Director of Butterfly Conservation Scotland, introduces the fascinating life-cycles of butterflies, where you can find them and what we need to do to care for them. It also contains some of the most wond... [ read more... ]
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Naturally Scottish - Mosses and Liverworts
On a global scale Scotland's bryophyte flora is truly outstanding in its wealth of species and luxuriance, and every corner of the country has its own specialities. This attractive new booklet from SNH will surely help to increase the awareness of the beauty and importance of this heritage, attract ... [ read more... ]
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Naturally Scottish - Amphibians and Reptiles
Although there are only six amphibians and three reptiles native to Scotland, these delightful animals have been part of our culture for a long time. They feature on Pictish stones and in a play - ' The Puddock and the Princess'. Hopefully this booklet will generate some new enthusiasts for frogs, t... [ read more... ]
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Naturally Scottish - Lichens
Lichens have several special qualities one being the ability to survive extremes of temperature which allows them to grow higher up the mountains than other plants. From the point of view of Scotland's natural heritage, many of the lichen communities in western Scotland are unequalled anywhere in E... [ read more... ]
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Naturally Scottish - Fungi
Fungi belong to one of the most varied, useful and ancient kingdoms in the natural world. Scotland may have almost 2000 larger species with some of the most interesting found in our woodlands and grasslands. This booklet provides an introduction to their lifecycles, habitats and conservation. Discov... [ read more... ]
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Naturally Scottish - River Runners
Scotland's clean, cascading rivers contain a fascinating array of species. The Atlantic salmon is the best known of our riverine species but others, such a lampreys and freshwater mussels, are frequently overlooked but no less captivating. This booklet aims to illuminate aspects of their intriguin... [ read more... ]
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Naturally Scottish - Red Kites
This graceful and distinctive bird was absent from our skies for more than a century. Now its russet plumage and forked tail can once again be seen in Scotland. Find out why it disappeared and how we can help it re-establish itself. If you would like to buy a copy of this book directly from SNH ple... [ read more... ]
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Naturally Scottish - Corncrakes
Produced jointly with RSPB. This shy, secretive bird is seldom seen, but often heard. Its distinctive, rasping call evokes memories of a more rural past. Thanks to the efforts of SNH and RSPB numbers of this threatened bird are again on the increase.
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Naturally Scottish - Badgers
With its distinctive black and white face and short, squat body, the badger is one of the most popular mammals in Britain. This booklet reveals some amazing facts about the shy, secretive badger.
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Naturally Scottish - Burnet Moths
Attractive and easily recognised day-flying moths, burnet moths with their black wings and crimson spots are often mistaken for butterflies. Read more about this fascinating moth in our lavishly illustrated booklet.
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SNH Commissioned Report 683: The Scottish Beaver Trial: Fluvial geomorphology and river habitat 2008-2013, final report
As part of the independent monitoring programme for the five year trial reintroduction of the European beaver in Knapdale, Argyll, the fluvial geomorphology and habitat of the streams and rivers that flow through the area were monitored to establish how beaver activity might affect them. An analysi... [ read more... ]
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Deer Management in Scotland: Report to the Scottish Government from Scottish Natural Heritage 2016
Following the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee inquiry into deer management in 2013, we were commissioned by the Scottish Government to conduct a review into the effectiveness of deer management in Scotland. The final report was submitted to the Cabinet secretary on 31st Oct... [ read more... ]
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