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SNH Commissioned Report 512: Site Condition Monitoring of bottlenose dolphins within the Moray Firth Special Area of Conservation: 2008-2010
Since 1989, the Moray Firth population of bottlenose dolphins has been the focus of an intensive research programme, carried out by the University of Aberdeen in collaboration with the Sea Mammal Research Unit at the University of St Andrews. In 2004, SNH entered into a Memorandum of Agreement wit... [ read more... ]
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SNH Commissioned Report 494: Inventory of Upland BAP and Annex 1 habitats - Developing habitat inventories
Article 11 of the EC Habitats Directive requires Member States to undertake surveillance of the conservation status of habitats listed in Annex I of the Directive. Article 17 specifies that countries must report on the conservation status of these habitats every six years. A 2009 amendment to t... [ read more... ]
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SNH Commissioned Report 495: Inventory of Upland BAP and Annex 1 habitats - Methodology for mapping upland habitats
A recent report for Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) reviewed the extent and usability of existing habitat inventory data, captured ongoing work to improve these data and carried out a gap analysis to identify where further work was required. At the same time SNH carried out a risk-based assessmen... [ read more... ]
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SNH Commissioned Report 373: Strategic Assessment of the Value and State of Scotland's Geodiversity: Development of an Attributes Framework for Monitoring and Surveillance
This report contributes to a wider study being undertaken by Scottish Natural Heritage and the British Geological Survey to develop an evidence base to inform the development of a national policy framework for geodiversity in Scotland. It focuses on the identification of geodiversity attributes and ... [ read more... ]
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SNH Commissioned Report 315:  Monitoring responsible behaviour - young people in Scotland 2006-2007
A baseline survey was conducted in 2005 (George Street Research) to establish young people's attitudes towards behaving responsibly in the countryside, and their knowledge of, and adherence to, the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (the Code). This report presents the results of the 2006 and 2007 waves o... [ read more... ]
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SNH Commissioned Report 322: Assessment of grazing and trampling impacts on upland habitats in the Cairngorms Core Area 1995-2000
A survey of grazing, browsing and trampling impacts of large herbivores in the Cairngorms was carried out between 1995 and 2000 to assist the Cairngorms Partnership and Scottish Natural Heritage develop a management strategy for moorland and montane habitats. Impacts on moorland and montane habitat... [ read more... ]
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SNH Commissioned Report 261: An assessment and evaluation of herbivore impacts on the designated upland habitats within the Drumochter Hills Special Area of Conservation
This site has been identified by the agencies (Scottish Natural Heritage, the Deer Commission for Scotland and the Scottish Government Rural Directorate) as one where Joint Agency Working could help to deliver sustainable deer/ herbivore management. The grazing and trampling impact survey was inten... [ read more... ]
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Seasons: Recreational access
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SNH Commissioned Report 154: Baseline of responsible behaviour: young people in Scotland
This report provides a baseline to establish the current behaviour and the awareness and attitudes of young people in Scotland towards responsible behaviour in the countryside. Future surveys will monitor both changes in behaviour and knowledge and awareness of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.
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SNH Commissioned Report 108: The extent and frequency of European Bat Lyssavirus (EBLV2) in Scotland as determined by surveillance testing of sero-prevalence and tissue sampling
Rabies and rabies-related viruses are a significant human health problem. Three lyssaviruses are known in Europe: the classical rabies virus and two European Bat Lyssaviruses. (EBLV1 and EBLV2, which is hosted by Daubenton's bats among others. As Daubenton's bat occurs in Scotland, there was a cle... [ read more... ]
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SNH Commissioned Report 95: Assessment of fire damage at Traprain Law, East Lothian, September 2004
In early autumn 2003 an accidental fire originating to the south-west of the hill burned much of the vegetation on the western, southern and south-eastern slopes. Scottish Natural Heritage commissioned this survey in order to assess the damage to the botanical interest of the hill, and to use this ... [ read more... ]
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SNH Commissioned Report 64: Geological structure and landscape of the Cairngorm Mountains
This report details the findings of the Cairngorms Project, co-funded by the British Geological Survey and Scottish Natural Heritage. This project investigated the degree to which the landscape and major landforms of the Cairngorm Mountains are dependent on the geology and geological structure.
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Towards Responsible Use: Influencing Recreational Behaviour in the Countryside
How do you encourage visitors to your site to behave differently? This is a question many site managers will have to ponder over when faced with unacceptable impacts by visitors, whether intentional or unintentional. This guide shows how to influence visitors' behaviour in the countryside and reduce... [ read more... ]
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SNH Commissioned Report 9: The distribution and extent of lowland grassland National Vegetation Classification (NVC) types and Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) habitats in Scotland
This report completes a three-stage review of the NVC data recorded during surveys of Scottish lowland grasslands from 1984 onwards. The mapped area of each lowland grassland NVC type was measured where possible and estimated where measurement was impossible. These measurements and estimates are s... [ read more... ]
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SNH Commissioned Report: Review of natural heritage and informal recreation components of local transport strategies (2002)
There continues to be a significant demand for new housing in Scotland. Peripheral development of existing settlements is seen to have advantages in terms of sustainability, infrastructure costs and minimising effects on the wider countryside. The purpose of the report was to provide advice on how ... [ read more... ]
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Natural Heritage Trends Access and Recreation: Outdoor Activities
Information and Advisory Note 144
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Natural Heritage Trends Access and Recreation: Path Networks
Information and Advisory Note 148
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Natural Heritage Trends Access and Recreation: Recreation along the Coast
Information and Advisory Note 147
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Natural Heritage Trends Access and Recreation: Recreation in the Uplands
Information and Advisory Note 146
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Natural Heritage Trends Access and Recreation: Recreation in Woodland
Information and Advisory Note 145
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