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SNH Commissioned Research, RSM: Commissioned research programme 1993-1994: projects and contracts within the Research and Advisory Services Directorate and the four Regional Directorates of SNH
'Research' in Scottish Natural Heritage is a generic term that covers all aspects of research surveying, inventory-taking, monitoring and reviewing (for the latter the term 'scholarship' is perhaps appropriate, as reviewing involves the gathering together of a wide variety of information, and then t... [ read more... ]
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SNH Commissioned Report, RSM: Footpaths and access in Scotland's countryside: Summary
This study effectively scotches the myth of a general 'freedom of access' in the Scottish countryside. Surveys undertaken during this study indicate that there are several variations in the availability and condition of linear access throughout Scotland. Such variations tend to reflect how local aut... [ read more... ]
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Landscape fashioned by geology - Mull and Iona
The wide variety of landscapes on Mull, Iona and their surrounding isles are well known to visitors. Flat-topped hills and steep cliffs of lava in the north contrast with the high mountains of the south that have been carved out of the roots of a huge volcano. Low-lying rounded knolls of pink granit... [ read more... ]
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Landscape fashioned by geology - The Outer Hebrides
The Outer Hebrides are exposed to the extreme elements. Every year we see small changes to familiar scenes as a result of the power of wind and wave. This booklet does a remarkable job in explaining the dramatic forces of nature that have shaped the Outer Hebrides over millions of years.

I... [ read more... ]
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Landscape fashioned by geology - Southwest Scotland
The southwest corner of Scotland rises from the coasts of the Solway Firth and Firth of Clyde into the broad rolling hills of the Southern Uplands. Five hundred million years of geological history are recorded in the rocks, which range from soft red sandstone to hard intractable granite. An ancien... [ read more... ]
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Scotland's Geodiversity
For a small country, Scotland has a remarkable diversity of rocks, fossils, landforms and soils. This leaflet illustrates the diversity of Scotland's Earth heritage, the pressures upon it and the steps being taken to conserve it and promote its wider understanding.
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Landscape fashioned by geology - Innse Gall
Tha na h-Eileanan an lar fosgailte gu na h-aimsirean air fad. Gach bliadhna, bidh sinn a'faicinn eadar-dhealaichean beaga air dealbhan-tire air sailleabh cumhachd na mara agus a'ghaoith. Tha a bhileag seo a'sealltainn mar a chaidh na h-Eileanan an lar a chruthachadh le nadar thairis air na millean... [ read more... ]
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The Northern Highlands (Gaelic and English)
The North Highlands of Scotland offer some of the finest landscapes and seascapes in Europe. For the visitor, the scenery can seem wild, rugged and remote, but for the people who live there here is their 'home'. If you would like to buy a copy of this book directly from SNH please call us on 01738 4... [ read more... ]
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Landscape fashioned by geology - Cairngorms
Their broad granite plateaux, steep-sided glens and deep corries make the Cairngorms one of the most renowned mountain landscapes in Britain. In the booklet we discover how the rocks and landforms have been fashioned through time.
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Landscape fashioned by geology - Glasgow and Ayrshire
This book tells the geological story of a landscape that was at the heart of Scotland's industrial revolution, a story that has been several hundred million years in the making. The patchwork of rocks forming the landscape of the Glasgow and Ayrshire area tells us about the disappearance of an ancie... [ read more... ]
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Landscape fashioned by geology - Parallel Roads of Glen Roy
People have long been fascinated by the Parallel Roads of Lochaber. Were these striking horizontal lines on the hillsides of Glen Roy, Glen Gloy and Glen Spean formed by giants of old. Are they natural or were they formed by human activity? Interest in the Parallel Roads continues to this day, both ... [ read more... ]
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Landscape fashioned by geology - Rum and the Small Isles
For such a small island, the range of landscapes on the Island of Rum is truly remarkable - from the jagged peaks of Askival and Hallival, to the rounded hills of Orval and Ard Nev in the west, and the low "stepped" topography north of Kinloch Glen. The book shows how these features can be attribute... [ read more... ]
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393. Boglands (2003)
What single image encapsulates 'Scotland' for most people? Perhaps the swirl of tartan, or maybe Landseer's famous red stag in 'Monarch of the Glen'. For some it might be rolling moorland, for others perhaps 'a wee dram' of whisky, or an image of a small croft beneath a brooding sky and, with it, th... [ read more... ]
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Landscape fashioned by geology - Edinburgh and West Lothian
A revised edition of the successful Edinburgh book. The tranquil appearance of the city of Edinburgh nestling between the surrounding hills and the undulating countryside of West Lothian belies their dramatic volcanic past. The Lothian landscape took over 400 million years to reach its present shape... [ read more... ]
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Springs and Flushes
Springs and flushes are specialised and localised habitats which support a fascinating and diverse range of flora and fauna, including several nationally rare plant species. They provide important micro-habitats for many animals, flowering plants, mosses and liverworts. One of the truly neglected ha... [ read more... ]
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Landscape Character Assessment Guidance
This guidance provides updated advice on Landscape Character Assessment, an important tool for all those involved in influencing the landscape. The guidance reflects how methods and techniques for Landscape Character Assessment have developed in recent years and builds upon interim guidance which wa... [ read more... ]
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Landscape Character Assessment Guidance and Topic Papers
To further the application and use of Landscape Character Assessment in England and Scotland, a series of Topic Papers is being prepared to accompany the main LCA guidance. Below is a list of existing and forthcoming papers in this series.
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Landscape fashioned by geology - North West Highlands
This easy-to-read, beautifully illustrated book runs through the geological history of one of Scotland's best-known and most stunning regions at a cracking pace. A must for anyone who's interested in our amazing history over geological time.
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399. Grasslands (2001)
Created by man and maintained by farming, grasslands form an important part of our natural heritage providing a vital habitat for birds, butterflies, animals and plants. If you would like a copy of this book please call us on 01738 458530 or email more... ]
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Landscape fashioned by geology - Fife and Tayside
The dramatic coastline and volcanic hills of Fife and Tayside are testament ot a dramatic geological past. The tell a story of a time when Scotland sat astride the equator. This book provides a guide to Scotland's journey through these turbulent times.
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