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Natural Heritage Trends Access and Recreation: Path Networks
Information and Advisory Note 148
read online
Natural Heritage Trends Access and Recreation: Recreation along the Coast
Information and Advisory Note 147
read online
Natural Heritage Trends Access and Recreation: Recreation in the Uplands
Information and Advisory Note 146
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Natural Heritage Trends Access and Recreation: Recreation in Woodland
Information and Advisory Note 145
read online
Natural Heritage Trends Access and Recreation: Tourism and Visits to the Countryside
Information and Advisory Note 143
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SNH Commissioned Report 206: Elliot Links and Easthaven SSSIs. The Habitats and Plant Communities (NVC)
Dr Theo Loizou was contracted by Scottish Natural Heritage to undertake a detailed National Vegetation Classification (NVC) survey of Elliot Links SSSI and Easthaven SSSI...
open pdf
A Technical Guide to the Design and Construction of Lowland Recreation Routes
A handbook full of practical advice on the engineering elements of how to construct routes for walkers, cyclists and horse-riders on low ground in the countryside. With information on assessing the site and approaching construction - helping you to ensure that your path is safe, durable and a pleasu... [ read more... ]
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A Note on the Recreational Implications of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994
Information and Advisory Note 10
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SNH Commissioned Report, RSM: The Solway Firth: broad scale habitat mapping
The aim of the study, commissioned by Scottish Natural Heritage, was to carry out broad scale habitat mapping of both the intertidal and subtidal areas of the Solway Firth. In addition to deriving data from field surveys, the study incorporated information from existing data sources.
open pdf
SNH Commissioned Report, RSM: Walking in the Countryside in Scotland
This report is a repeat of an SNH commissioned survey of walking. A series of questions was inserted in four waves of the Scottish Opinion Survey, the monthly consumer omnibus survey undertaken by System Three Scotland. It was decided to repeat this survey in 1995 with insertions in the July, Octo... [ read more... ]
open pdf
SNH Commissioned Report, Review: A review of investment in countryside recreation and access
open pdf
SNH Commissioned Report, Review: Recreation and red deer:  a preliminary review of the issues
open pdf
SNH Commissioned Report, Review: Snow buntings breeding in the Cairngorms: population dynamics and the influence of recreation
open pdf
SNH Commissioned Report, RSM: Soil erosion sensitivity in upland Scotland
The principal objective of this research project was to assess the extent and severity of soil erosion and erosion sensitivity in the Scottish uplands by means of literature review, questionnaire survey, aerial photograph interpretation and limited field survey. Features recorded in the survey incl... [ read more... ]
open pdf
SNH Commissioned Report, RSM: Status of the adder Vipera berus in Scotland
This review forms the major part of a wider investigation, initiated by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), into the status and distribution of the adder (Vipera berus) in Scotland. Here we review the available literature to determine the past distribution of the adder in Scotland, put the Scottish ad... [ read more... ]
open pdf
SNH Commissioned Research, RSM: Commissioned research programme 1993-1994: projects and contracts within the Research and Advisory Services Directorate and the four Regional Directorates of SNH
'Research' in Scottish Natural Heritage is a generic term that covers all aspects of research surveying, inventory-taking, monitoring and reviewing (for the latter the term 'scholarship' is perhaps appropriate, as reviewing involves the gathering together of a wide variety of information, and then t... [ read more... ]
open pdf
SNH Commissioned Report, RSM: Footpaths and access in Scotland's countryside: Summary
This study effectively scotches the myth of a general 'freedom of access' in the Scottish countryside. Surveys undertaken during this study indicate that there are several variations in the availability and condition of linear access throughout Scotland. Such variations tend to reflect how local aut... [ read more... ]
open pdf
Landscape fashioned by geology - Mull and Iona
The wide variety of landscapes on Mull, Iona and their surrounding isles are well known to visitors. Flat-topped hills and steep cliffs of lava in the north contrast with the high mountains of the south that have been carved out of the roots of a huge volcano. Low-lying rounded knolls of pink granit... [ read more... ]
open pdf
Landscape fashioned by geology - The Outer Hebrides
The Outer Hebrides are exposed to the extreme elements. Every year we see small changes to familiar scenes as a result of the power of wind and wave. This booklet does a remarkable job in explaining the dramatic forces of nature that have shaped the Outer Hebrides over millions of years.

I... [ read more... ]
open pdf
Landscape fashioned by geology - Southwest Scotland
The southwest corner of Scotland rises from the coasts of the Solway Firth and Firth of Clyde into the broad rolling hills of the Southern Uplands. Five hundred million years of geological history are recorded in the rocks, which range from soft red sandstone to hard intractable granite. An ancien... [ read more... ]
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