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Landscape Fashioned by Geology - Moray and Caithness

Landscape Fashioned by Geology - Moray and Caithness

The far north-east of Scotland encompasses a wide range of landscapes, from the rolling hills of Moray and the coastal flagstone cliffs of Caithness, to the blanket peat bogs of the Flow Country and the ancient rugged mountains of eastern Sutherland. These landscapes have all formed during a long and complex geological history, from rocks that were buckled and warped by continental collisions that occurred many hundreds of millions of years ago, to the sculpting of the hills and valleys by glaciers just a few thousand years ago. Since Neolithic times, the inhabitants of the region have made use of its geological resources and also changed its appearance irrevocably. This book describes the whole of that geological and human history, laying bare the events that have shaped the landscape of this remote but intriguing corner of Scotland. Not available in print.

Format : 80 pages; 4MB
Published in 2011

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