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Landscape fashioned by geology - Ben Nevis and Glen Coe

Landscape fashioned by geology - Ben Nevis and Glen Coe

The area around Ben Nevis and Glencoe is one of the most popular in the Scottish Highlands. Easy road and rail access brings thousands of visitors to walk, climb, ski, cycle, sail, canoe, soak-up the turbulent history or just to marvel at the dramatic landscape. The shapely peaks of the Mamores, fashioned from 700 million year-old sandstones, contrast with the towering near-vertical cliffs of Glen Coe and the north face of Ben Nevis, which exhume the remains of 400 million year-old volcanoes. But the mountains, deep glens and sheltered sea-lochs that we see today were carved by glaciers in the last 2 million years, with many of the most obvious features only 12000 years old or less. It is an ideal place to ponder the vastness of geological time and the forces that have shaped the landscape.

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Published in 2007

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