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Atlas of Living Scotland

Atlas of Living Scotland external site

Please note: Over two million biological records have been transferred to the Atlas of Living Scotland from the NBN Gateway.  However, some data is not yet visible and work to continue transferring data to the Atlas is ongoing.  To view all of the NBN data holdings for Scotland, please visit the NBN Gateway external site

The Atlas of Living Scotland was created in 2015 to provide a platform for the collection, aggregation, analysis and use of biological data in Scotland. It has been created as a daughter website to Scotland's Environment Web external site . It is also a pilot for a potential UK-wide initiative to develop new biodiversity data infrastructure for the entire United Kingdom. The objectives of the Atlas are about education, promotion of biodiversity and providing a trusted portal for Scottish biodiversity data.

The project is a partnership between the Scottish Environment Protection Agency external site , Scottish Natural Heritage and the National Biodiversity Network external site . Significant funding support for this work came from the European Commission LIFE funding external site programme which is supporting SEPA to deliver a range of partnership initiatives in Scotland to provide a trusted gateway to data and information about the environment, and involve Scotland's citizens in discussion, monitoring and action to protect and improve the environment.

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