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Teachers and students

Are you a teacher or student wanting to learn more about Scotland's Nature?

Are you looking for information, ideas and resources to support you?

Try our Resources for Teaching.

SNH has information about all aspects of Scotland's wildlife, geology and landscapes, and we have topics and case studies specifically targeted to school needs.

We have a range of packs and activity guides, most of which are free and downloadable. They can help you, both in and out of the classroom, learn about Scotland's nature and landscapes.

Experiencing nature first hand is enjoyable and will help you meet a range of learning outcomes across the curriculum for a wide range of pupil learning styles. We have resources and advice to help you take learning outdoors, whether you want to stay within the school grounds, visit local sites or want to go further to see the best in nature and landscapes.

We also run Sharing Good Practice events for teachers and teacher educators and case studies to see how others are learning about nature and landscapes. 

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